Updating your software regularly is crucial to keeping your systems secure. As technology advances, new software vulnerabilities and bugs are discovered, which could lead to potential security breaches or system failures. By regularly updating your software, you ensure that any known bugs and security flaws have been patched, thus improving the overall security of your system.

Software developers play a significant role in creating secure apps, and there is a growing demand for them to take ownership of their work. With the rise of cyber attacks and data breaches, it’s becoming increasingly important for developers to implement security measures throughout the entire software development lifecycle. This includes writing secure code, conducting regular security audits, and staying up-to-date with the latest security trends and practices. While there is a growing call for software developers to take more responsibility for creating secure apps, it is important for all computer users to prioritize software updates and make them a regular part of their routine. By doing so, you can help to safeguard your digital assets and prevent potential security breaches.

How to update the Microsoft Outlook Client

(Note: this doesn’t apply to Outlook 365 which is web based)

Updating is fairly easy but the button may be hard to find.

  • First, open the File menu.
  • Find the “Office Account” and “Office Updates” items
  • Click “Update Now”

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