Paul Bergman is a strategic business leader with global experience in healthcare, consulting, and telecommunications. As an expert in cybersecurity, Paul speaks at events across the US and England advocating for stronger cybersecurity in small and mid-sized businesses as the most vulnerable facet of the economy. He is also a proponent for cyber-risk management and oversight in the corporate boardroom.

Paul was an executive director of McGregor & Associates, Inc. In this capacity he served as cybersecurity and strategic IT expert on the board. Responsible for HIPAA compliance of over 3 million health care records, he managed security incidents as well as providing a full range of strategy, operations, change management, and information technology solutions to the Healthcare industry. His board service culminated with the sale of the company and exceptional value realization to the shareholders.
After his work on the sale, Paul co-Founded Secure7X, a cybersecurity and IT consulting firm which currently enjoys growing market capitalization in the SaaS and consulting space. Paul sold his ownership stake in 2018 to focus on speaking, security consulting, and board leadership.

Paul is an accomplished information security leader with a track record of integration of operations and information technology. As a member of the strategic planning team at Kryptos Logic, globally known for finding the “kill-switch” for the WannaCry ransomware and a high-end cybersecurity firm, he helped develop web-based, B2B product offerings focused on delivering cutting edge security analysis and standards-based reporting.

As Director of International Business Development at Worldcom, Paul managed the operational start-up of five international joint ventures, where he managed budgets ranging from $5M to $440M. In this role he lived in Japan, England, and Canada. He managed network deployments into England, Spain, and Germany all from his home base in London.

He holds an MBA in International Business, a BA in Economics, is a Digital Director Network boardroom Qualified Technology Expert (QTE) and is a certified Cybersecurity Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) by ISC2.

Paul Bergman
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