San Diego Hosts Amazing Wrexham Upset of Manchester United

Coming into the game last night, I was excited. I’d never been to Premier League football game before. Yes, this wasn’t an official game and Wrexham is not in the Premier League, but that didn’t matter much for San Diego. I was going to be part of the pre-game ceremony and help roll out the “Big Flag”! Being on the field pre-game is a feeling that never gets old for me.

The Big Flag is a 100-yard-long flag that takes AT LEAST 175 people to display at a game. Last night we had over 250 people! That was a lot of people to organize! Fortunately, Sports San Diego are experts at it and I’m proud to be on the committee to help.

Did you know that there are very few flags this big? This one travels all over the country and if you see a big flag on TV, it’s probably ours!

I was also excited to watch Wrexham play. With the Hollywood embrace of the team via “Welcome to Wrexham” staring Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, that team has become a favorite in the US. With the exceptional marketing through creating social media, it’s made for a great story. Plus, I’m a fan of Wales having visited a number of times for work. I can’t read a street sign there to save my life but it’s a cool place.

More to come!

Thanks to the presence of Snapdragon stadium, San Diego has successfully attracted other high-profile matches, such as hosting the U.S. Men’s National Team during the CONCACAF Gold Cup in July and securing the prestigious 2023 NWSL championship this upcoming fall. The stadium’s significance as a top-tier venue has opened doors to exciting sporting events in the city.

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