Another test of basic AI and image generation. It’s clear that getting a quality product takes work and AI doesn’t make up for poor commands. I uploaded a photo of myself to the AI photo generation site, Dall-e, and the response just made me feel bad. I figured that AI may really my photos look great but the variations I got were not.

The original photo

Here are the alternate versions I got back.

Of course, I don’t know if these are really computer generated or simply altered versions of other photos. Frankly, I don’t care much, I’m under-impressed.

Ok, so I gave up on improving a real photo and wanted to have some fun.

“Take that photo of me I uploaded and put me in a space suit and talking to a bunch of dogs on the moon.”

Well, it looks like Dall-e has basic Photoshop skills AT BEST. I was burning through my free credits with little to show for it… so I figured I’d waste more credits.

“Give me a photo of a dog eating a carrot in the middle of a carrot field.”

More unimpressive photos, right? I figured I’d try something else.

“Do a watercolor of this image:×196.jpg” (This is my attempt at passing in the original image above)

This was honestly the first image returned


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