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There are many certifications in cyber security and their value is often a subject for debate. The one thing that people agree on is the training and understanding of the basics in cyber security is extremely important.  If you are considering a career in cyber security, below are some links to free training that will get you started.

Yes…Hoodies are common

First start with the basics

Experience will be important but running through a number of the following trainings will be a great introduction to what the job is all about.  

  1. Ethical Hacking Essentials (EHE) from EC-Counsil
  2. Website Hacking Techniques
  3. Digital Forensics Essentials (DFE)
  4. Network Defense Essentials (NDE)
  5. Introduction to Dark Web, Anonymity, and Cryptocurrency
  6. Certified in Cybersecurity℠ – CC
  7. 20+ Free AWS Certs Related to Cybersecurity. All are focused on training and knowledge of the Amazon Web Service offerings which isn’t a bad set of knowledge to have.
  8. Fortinet Network Security Expert (NSE) program Levels 1,2 & 3. These are centered around Fortinet devices as you proceed.
  9. Introduction to Cybersecurity  from Cisco
  10. Cybersecurity Essentials from Cisco
  11. Networking Essentials from Cisco
  12. Android Bug Bounty Hunting: Hunt Like a Rat from EC-Counsil  

Time to level up your hand-on skills

The above links will get you started with a good basic understanding of the industry and what security is. The next step is getting a little hand-on experience!

The following are to “cyber ranges” which is similar a shooting range for cyber. Where you practice your skills in a safe (and legal) environment. They will give you challenges that you use your skills to solve.  These are a fair way to practice basic offensive or defensive skills. 

These are really games but if you have no background in the industry, don’t be afraid to include these skills in a resume or job application. Most people in the industry understand that you need to start somewhere and these sites really do put your skills to the test, even if they are created to have a solution (which is a bit unrealistic). It will show that you have, at least, put your learning into practice.

  1. Hack the Box:
  2. Try Hack Me

Note: The answers to these games are online so it is possible to cheat, particularly at the lower levels. As you progress, there are fewer and fewer people that have solved the high level challenges and while they will help you, they are less likely to give away the answers.

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