I’ve always been interested in military tradition and ceremony. I’ve attended, even helped run, a couple commissioning ceremonies for U.S. Navy ships, which is really something special.

I have wanted to attend a basic training graduation ceremony for a long time and last Friday I had the pleasure of attending one. The Marines did not disappoint. Each part of the ceremony was explained well by the staff and it was really informative. In the photo below the senior drill instructors inspect one of the six platoons as they march by.

It was a ceremony where 501 young men and women became Marines. Likely the biggest moment of their lives so far and represented 13 weeks of serious training.

Thank you to Brigadier General J.L. Morris, USMC, for the invitation.

I acknowledge that there was no drill team performance and all the drill instructors seemed to be well. Thus no need for an ambitious PFC to take the lead and get the platoon through graduation. Although, I admit, it was hard not thinking about that movie while I was there.

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