What is a QTE and why should I care?

QTE is a Qualified Technology Expert and is Boardroom Readiness Training For Tech Executives offered by the Digital Directors Network.

Ok, what does that mean?

The answer to that is fairly simple. Boards need to pay attention to cybersecurity. That doesn’t just mean that everyone changes their passwords from “Password1”. It means that the company takes systematic risk (including cybersecurity) seriously enough to have enlist expertise at the board level.

But having technical skills does not mean you can work well with a board. The corporate world is full of stories about highly technical people that just rub staff the wrong way. Board meetings are quick and to the point, there is no time for explaining why security is important and most board members have no interest in understanding “anything with a plug.” I used to spend half my time at board meetings explaining to board members how to get board packets on their iPads. These were smart people but just had no time to learn about technology.

Why does it matter?

Us technical people love technology and don’t realize others have no interest in it. It may make sense why boards really aren’t that interested in getting technical people on the board.

To make a place in the boardroom, there is a middle ground that technology experts need to find. We need to move away from explaining the details and put things in terms of business issues and risk. Professor Bob Zukis (USC Marshall School of Business) is an expert at training tech executives to fit in and add real value in the board room. His DiRECTORTM and RISCXTM frameworks in digital and cybersecurity systemic risk oversight provide a great foundation to the program and give structure to the approaches he teaches.

I highly recommend this program for technology executives looking to move into the boardroom.

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