Thank You Letter – Checklist


  • The letter is a real letter, not a pre-printed card
  • It is personally addressed
  • It has a personal salutation (not “dear donor” or dear “friend”)
  • It is personally signed
  • It is personally signed by someone from the highest ranks of the organization
  • It makes specific reference to intended use of funds
  • It indicates when the donor will receive an update on the use of funds
  • It includes the name and phone number of a staff who the donor can contact or an invitation to contact the writer directly
  • It does not ask for another gift
  • It does not ask for the donor to do anything (like complete a survey, etc)
  • It acknowledges any applicable past giving
  • It contains no spelling or grammatical errors
  • It has a positive “can do” tone, as opposed to a hand wringing one
  • It communicates the excitement, gratitude and inner warmth of the writer
  • It grabs the readers attention in the opening sentence
  • It speaks directly to the donor
  • It does not continue to “sell”
  • It is concise- no more than two short paragraphs
  • It is received promptly (best practice is within 3 days)
  • In some circumstances, the letter is handwritten
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