Timeshares … Watch out!


The streets are crawling with special deals for people that agree to attend a 90 minute presentation for a timeshare/all inclusive. It seems like a good deal, and it could be, but there are some things to keep in mind before you do this:
1) it will most likely take you more than 90 minutes. It “includes breakfast or lunch” but still, it will be more like 2.5 hours.
2) it will not be easy to simply say no and leave. There are a number of people you will need to talk to because they “want to survey for quality” This is not true. They are additional people that will try to sweeten the deal and make different offers.
3) do a quick google search for the name of the resort you are visiting. Add “scam” to the search and you will likely see that many people claim to have been taken advantage of. DONT THINK YOU ARE SMARTER! If this is a scam, you are no match for them. They have years of practice at this and you, hopefully, don’t.

If you do think the deal is great, be VERY SURE that all the benefits are described in the contract! It is likely that they will leave out key bits of information like the price of future vacations. If it’s not in the contract, it does not exist!

If you do sign something, you have 5 days by Mexican law to resend it. Good luck.

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