So, the US TSA may be best know for forcing people to remove their shoes at security checkpoints in reaction to the shoe bomber. Mostly, this is a show of reaction more than a real security procedure. Ok, security is mostly a joke and here is something I thought was amusing until I thought about how the wasted manpower.
Ok, so I waited in security for 20 minutes while 1 line filtered passengers through. The second line was shut down, equipment not being manned. Ok, not a busy time, I thought, good to save the manpower.
Then I make it to the gate and watch 5 TSA agents stand around and watch one gate being boards to Spokane. 5 agents to watch ONE door! How dumb is that? Was each agent responsible for a certain part to the doorway? Is it an overly challenging job? It didn’t seem so because two agents were simply chatting away with each other.
Is this simply an effort to employ more people or a result of poor management?
How about this: Put one agent on the gate spotchecking and open the other security checkpoint!

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