Westworld – Hack the car service (aka: the Supply Chain)


I remember a number of years ago a Hollywood hacking scene would be a guy with glasses (almost always a ‘he’ and always in classes) would walk up to a computer and within 10 keystrokes claim “I’m in.” I think I actually threw my shoe at the girl from Jurassic Park when she said, “Oh, that looks like Linux…I’m in”

I can’t say Hollywood is ‘woke’ on cyber security yet but at least they are keeping up with the news. I this clip, they use a supply chain attack to get at the target. A smart move and one that is being used far more often than you realize.

The SPAM “spray and prey” approach is working for the mass market. It’s still yielding great results and billions of dollars. But when someone wants in, they can get around your security by going through your partners. The bar might be much lower and the pivot from there into your system may be less guarded!

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