Working in Canada: NAFTA = harrass the business traveller




2 times since the last posting I’ve been stopped and sent to secondary evaluation. There I met a real sweetheart of a girl! I could tell she wasn’t having a great night. And ‘wow’ I messed up on this visit and said,”Is there a reason I’m always pulled in here? I come up here on business all the time.”

Not a good think to say, it appears. Now I’m just obstinent because I didn’t have a letter and anyone that travels on business knows to have a letter. If she could have hit me, I think she would have but it would have required her to walk around the counter and didn’t really look interested in that. Probably because of the bullet proof vest she was wearing.

Dear Airport Immigration:

Do you really need to wear bullet-proof vests in the airport checkpoints? I mean, consider the threat. People that have gone through security, been scanned, checked, validated, and put on a hugely devastating piece of equipment that flies over any number of *prime* targets. But you are convinced that someone will pass all those tests and opportunities and focus on you…Really? It’s clear you’ve thought this one through.

So, it seems that it is required to have a letter to enter the company on business. Kinda like when I went to Saudi Arabia but that’s the ONLY other place in the world that required it… The Kingdom that is home to Mecca and is in an ongoing religious struggle with ISRAEL and … CANADA.

Ok, so I really like CANADA and know that this is a little like the pot calling the kettle black but GET OVER IT! I’m not trying to steal your jobs and I’m certainly not up there to buy a winter home! Relax, it’s business and I’ll be gone before you know it anyway.

Ok, so I wrote my letter. Although Ms. Friendly said it needed to be signed by “the person that is sending you”, I figured she wouldn’t like it much if I signed it myself.

Next time…sure enough…I’m sent to secondary. It seems that this time it is because my new friend had taken it upon herself to make a note in my file! Great, now I’ll bet I’m in secondary for the rest of my life because of this [explicative].

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