It’s been a great year!

It wasn’t an easy year, but it all turned out great in the end.

We just held our annual award ceremony where we present our seniors with their scholarships, and it went amazingly well! What a great program the board developed this year! I’ve received many compliments on how the program has evolved over the years and I’m lucky to have such a great board to help me pull all this off!

Like most companies, non-profits need to raise funds. Companies use products and services, we use donations. I’m happy to report that Lamp of Learning was successful ended the fiscal year 27% over budget for the year! This has indeed been a great year for Lamp of Learning and our amazing students!

I look forward to FY22 being even better! I have a lot planned for the upcoming 12 months!

I would also like to mention the amazing support we have gotten from the University Club atop Symphony Towers. The new staff and management have been exceptionally supportive. I owe a lot of this success to their help!

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