Paul Bergman: Security Question #1

Small businesses need help. Often they don’t have the resources to hire staff in, so what can they do?
I’m an advocate for small companies, they are the backbone of the US economy and need to exist on the internet. Both how can they play on the cyber-battleground without any tools or resources?

Having worked with a number of small companies and think it’s important to start with a basic set of questions. The first question has to do with “why security”? If you have an empty shed, you don’t need to put too much effort into locking it up. However, most companies have something worth protecting.

From customer lists to personal information, intellectual property or protecting their client’s. Almost all companies have something to protect. Security is all about risk and minimizing that risk. We have a number of ways to deal with risk, but we are getting ahead of ourselves. Question #1 is: What do you need to protect?

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